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Date : 05.03.1998
Taille : 6 Mo
Durée : 26:32
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3 thoughts on “19980305 Débat sur les Poupées Gonflables

  • I am glad someone has written about this. I was struck by the fact that Joan Acocella uses Hitchings’ awareness of this disappearing distinction – about which she appears to be in denial – as evidence that Hitchings is a snob. She expands on this by suggesting that it’s funny he notices this while manifesting no uncertainty of his own about “who” and “whom”. This leads to the signoff at the end of the piece about how he’d rather take the Rolls – but you can walk. I thought this kind of cheap ad hominem criticism was hardly befitting of the New Yorker. It’s an example of the very poor logic of this review – my annoyance at it being what brought me to this blog (for the first but definitely not the last time).

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